High School Exam – Video Presentation

Oh boy. I will never forget the entire room filling up with students and teachers when I was going to start my oral exam.
No one, literally no one knew what was coming to them.
My programming teacher was laughing his ass off during the video playback.

Not only I had a lot of fun showing my High School Exam project (A portable console based on Arduino, using 3D Printing as a technology), but it is one of the closest memories I hold to my heart about my father.

He sadly passed away a few years ago.
Before this unfortunate turn of events, he helped me A LOT building up the console. He was really skilled in soldering, wiring and all the stuff that a good electrician should know how to do (he was a Jazz musician though).
He also tried his best being a dad, he had a strong personality and had a really good moral compass.
He also was able to solve problems in a really smart way.
What I loved about him the most was his humour and sarcasm. It was always spot-on and sometimes stingy.

I will never forget you dad.
I love you and I miss you so much.

This is the first version of the video (Recorded at my father’s place). It also features my friend Mina pretending to play DooM on my notebook.

This is the second version of the video:

The second version 3D renderings were made inside Unreal Engine. It has crazy fast rendering speeds and overall quality. The animation at the beginning was made with Adobe After Effects. Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro.