eMpTy Family – Team LOGO

As I said before I am a big fan of videogames and I really enjoy playing Counter Strike.

Some years ago I joined the team eMpTy Family and as a tribute I created a logo to use in-game.

The idea randomly popped up in my mind of two hands holding each other, resembling one person that fell and is getting help to get up again.

Counter Strike is a team-game and every member has a different color assigned. This is really helpful while playing with strangers.

Imagine one of your team mates is called YababaZubabaVilala. Would you rather say the entire name or just say “Red”, since that is his assigned color for the entire game?

The triangle represents the individual player, so I also made different colored versions of the logo.

My in-game color usually is purple, so the circle and triangle are of the same color.

I uploaded the logo to Redbubble and Spreadshirt.

This is how it looks on a t-shirt

Hoodie version.
Phone cover.

It looks equally cool on both the hoodie and the phone cover!