Ujig – Recorded in Norway

This has been my biggest project so far.
While going on a 7hrs roadtrip from Bergen to Sandefjord I decided to record a lot of footage.

I honestly did not expect the places I’ve visited to be THAT gorgeous.
I had to fight with the cold temperature (Yes cold, I am Italian ok?), rain and me being exhausted from the long car trip.

But it was completely worth it.
By being so much chaotic, the music gave me quiet a lot of difficulties. Adapting my footage correctly was really hard.
You always need to think what emotions the music is expressing in every single moment.
That is, personally, the most important thing you should take care of while editing a video.
Many parts of the video were manually stabilized frame-by-frame and that really helped me learning a new program I’ve used for footage stabilization.
I apologize for a few parts with some weird stabilization and the beginning low-brightness scenes. My only camera is my smartphone and I did everything I could.

I had the balls to edit it on a Dell E6230 (Which is a business ultrabook) with an i5-3320m, 8GB ram on a 1367×768 13′ inches screen.
The files are H265 4K 60FPS.


Special thanks again to Marco Leo and Max Cassan for allowing me to use their track “Ujig”.
I love the 2 albums they have made so far and I’m looking forward to the third one.
This is some of their links.