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DooM Mod – Zombie Horde: Extinction

“Can it run DOOM?” I’m sure you’ve heard this before. You see, the DOOM community is famous worldwide for porting (converting) the original DOOM to almost every single existing device. It is running on a Thermostat: Hell, even on a printer! I’ve been for a long time in contact with the DooM community and often played the most famous mods. One of them is called “Zombie Horde”. It is a multiplayer mod where one player is becoming a zombie and has to infect with its claws the remaining human players (they can defend themselves with weapons). The game ends when either the timer goes to zero or all zombies/humans are killed. The original mod has been running for over 10 years and the original developer left. I then got contacted to work on a new logo, a background image and a trailer. LOGO I redefined the original logo adding a metallic scratched texture and a red shade. Let’s say it represents the militaristic side of the Humans against the evil horde of Zombies. WALLPAPER Damn, this was really hard. I decided to look at the Zombie Horde existing maps to choose a good background. Sadly I found nothing of interest, until I talked with my class-mate and friend Mina about a map he was working on. It featured a foggy atmosphere, a bridge in a middle of nowhere and many tall spikes coming from the bottom of the endless pit. This was the perfect map. I wanted to focus the image on the human survivors desperately trying to survive an endless horde of zombies (which is in the background and attacking in the front). I put the marines on a platform that resembles the nuclear sign, a reference to the original Zombie Horde wallpaper image. The humans and zombies were in place and the background was perfect, what else now? I needed to add some juicy effects to oppose the prevailing grey color. I opted for some particles, flames and muzzle flashes coming from the marines’ guns. VIDEO TEASER As a request from the new developer/mapper “Fused”, I created a teaser video to post on the Zandronum (the successor of Skulltag) forums. The point of the teaser was to show to the community that Zombie Horde still was alive and in active development. I showed some new and updated maps. VIDEO TRAILER This was the most emotive and time-consuming work I created. I was one of the first people with my friend Mina to try the new versions of the mod and many maps were more detailed and had more gameplay-changing content. There were new buildings and aesthetically the old maps got updated with a very great restyle. The trailer was divided in 3 different categories: – Human running away from Zombie (introducing the danger of the game) – Group of marines assembling together due to the Zombies danger – A single zombie assaulting the group and the final fight for survival, showing the core gameplay of the mod. – Final part showing the Wallpaper art, introducing the newest version of the game I had some difficulties directing the cameras since the footage was recorded in-game and was impossible to pre-configure the cameras. Due to game engine limitations a few scenes were too dark and I had to manually correct them. All the humans and zombies you see in the video were players helping me out and let’s say it wasn’t the easiest thing ever. Due to online call delays it was hard to keep everyone in order. Even if Zombie Horde: Extinction will probably be on hold forever due to engine limitations, it will always hold a special place in my heart. Thank you Fused. Thank you XSnake.

eMpTy Family – Team LOGO

As I said before I am a big fan of videogames and I really enjoy playing Counter Strike.

Some years ago I joined the team eMpTy Family and as a tribute I created a logo to use in-game.

The idea randomly popped up in my mind of two hands holding each other, resembling one person that fell and is getting help to get up again.

Counter Strike is a team-game and every member has a different color assigned. This is really helpful while playing with strangers.

Imagine one of your team mates is called YababaZubabaVilala. Would you rather say the entire name or just say “Red”, since that is his assigned color for the entire game?

The triangle represents the individual player, so I also made different colored versions of the logo.

My in-game color usually is purple, so the circle and triangle are of the same color.

I uploaded the logo to Redbubble and Spreadshirt.

This is how it looks on a t-shirt

Hoodie version.
Phone cover.

It looks equally cool on both the hoodie and the phone cover!



Halo – Unreal 2001

I randomly had a dream where I was at a video game convention and I won a hoodie with a very cool image on it that resembled a poster.

It was a mix between Unreal Tournament with Master Chief on it, the iconic character from the Halo saga.

It features the first Halo ring discovered after the ship Pillar of Autumn escaped from planet Reach and the phrase “Spartans never die, they are just missing in action” (It is pretty famous in Halo’s books).

In Halo the alien union Covenant is on a sacred journey and well… humans are in the way.
The Spartan project (basically creating super soldiers), which was first created to fight back terrorists was then moved into fighting against the Covenant and keeping the army morale high.

Even if a Spartan died, it was never classified as K.I.A. (Killed in action), instead if was Missing in Action.


Metal Slug Tributes

In a era of 3D games becoming the norm, Metal Slug (1996) showed the world how impressive 2D games still could be. Metal Slug is one of my favourite videogame series especially due to the gorgeous animated sprites and backgrounds. I suggest looking over this video to understand what I am talking about: I decided to create 2 tributes images. This one is called Roady Trip (Yes, it is mispelled on purpose) This one is called Safe Fly (Background photo taken over Norway by me)

The Dramatic Llama

A friend asked me to make a photoshop of her.
I satisfied her request by making the trashiest and most dramatic edit I could ever make.
Thanks Ida!