Halo – Unreal 2001

I randomly had a dream where I was at a video game convention and I won a hoodie with a very cool image on it that resembled a poster.

It was a mix between Unreal Tournament with Master Chief on it, the iconic character from the Halo saga.

It features the first Halo ring discovered after the ship Pillar of Autumn escaped from planet Reach and the phrase “Spartans never die, they are just missing in action” (It is pretty famous in Halo’s books).

In Halo the alien union Covenant is on a sacred journey and well… humans are in the way.
The Spartan project (basically creating super soldiers), which was first created to fight back terrorists was then moved into fighting against the Covenant and keeping the army morale high.

Even if a Spartan died, it was never classified as K.I.A. (Killed in action), instead if was Missing in Action.


Metal Slug Tributes

In a era of 3D games becoming the norm, Metal Slug (1996) showed the world how impressive 2D games still could be. Metal Slug is one of my favourite videogame series especially due to the gorgeous animated sprites and backgrounds. I suggest looking over this video to understand what I am talking about: I decided to create 2 tributes images. This one is called Roady Trip (Yes, it is mispelled on purpose) This one is called Safe Fly (Background photo taken over Norway by me)

Prologue//sunset// (Official Video)

This is a Vaporwave inspired video.
A bored computer is trying to get the attention of its owner.
It also is a reflection over people using technology and feeling a lot of solitude.

So this guy called “eeror9.818” asked me to make a music video for his debut song “prologue//sunset//”.
It is a vaporwave inspired song with low pitched instruments.
This song usually gives to the viewer a feeling of abstractness and “nostalgia”.
So I instantly thought about the UI of Windows 95/98 and really old programs (such as Winamp) and made the computer “talk” to the viewer.


3D Camera Direction – TrackMania 2

In-game replay editor with custom camera made by me.


High School Exam – Video Presentation

Oh boy. I will never forget the entire room filling up with students and teachers when I was going to start my oral exam.
No one, literally no one knew what was coming to them.
My programming teacher was laughing his ass off during the video playback.

Not only I had a lot of fun showing my High School Exam project (A portable console based on Arduino, using 3D Printing as a technology), but it is one of the closest memories I hold to my heart about my father.

He sadly passed away a few years ago.
Before this unfortunate turn of events, he helped me A LOT building up the console. He was really skilled in soldering, wiring and all the stuff that a good electrician should know how to do (he was a Jazz musician though).
He also tried his best being a dad, he had a strong personality and had a really good moral compass.
He also was able to solve problems in a really smart way.
What I loved about him the most was his humour and sarcasm. It was always spot-on and sometimes stingy.

I will never forget you dad.
I love you and I miss you so much.

This is the first version of the video (Recorded at my father’s place). It also features my friend Mina pretending to play DooM on my notebook.

This is the second version of the video:

The second version 3D renderings were made inside Unreal Engine. It has crazy fast rendering speeds and overall quality. The animation at the beginning was made with Adobe After Effects. Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro.


The Dramatic Llama

A friend asked me to make a photoshop of her.
I satisfied her request by making the trashiest and most dramatic edit I could ever make.
Thanks Ida!