IT Support

  • Knowledge of multiple languages.
  • Logic and rational problem solving
  • Always checking online forums to see the most common problems that users are facing

Media Creation

  • Experience with the Adobe CC Suite (Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects)
  • Studying traditional & 3D animation
  • Very good at preparing British Tea. My friend Remi told me I'm really good at it 🙂


  • Grew up playing FPS Arena and RTS Games
  • Has been leading "Delt@"clan on Skulltag (DooM Port). Won a DOOM mini-tournament in 2020.
  • Training daily over Beat Saber. Studying the effects of VR fitness.


  • Led No-Profit course "ABCDigital", teaching elder people about technology
  • Capable of adapting the communication type depending on the individual
  • Realtime multi-language performance